Registration and referral

  1. Members who login for the first time will get a HKD $20 coupon immediatelyHKD$20Coupon

  2. After registration, you will get a referral code to share with new users.

  3. After the new user successfully registers, the referrer and the new user will receiveHKD$20Coupon

  4. There is no upper limit on referrals, and the more people who refer, the more coupons the referrer will get.

  5. New register or referee'sHKD$20Coupons need to be reachHKD$50,old user recommend new usercoupon can only be obtained by the referee who spends at least oncecoupon (valid within six months after the referee fills in the referrer code).

  6. If it is found that there are users who have repeatedly registered to increase the recommended coupons, the company will take action to deduct the coupons without any notice.