Logistics Information

Overseas outbound information

Overseas Warehouse Cargo Dispatch Schedule

Estimated total Transit Time

  1. U.S.:5-10 Days
  2. Japan, Taiwen: 1-2 days
  3. China : 1-2 days 
  4. 新加坡:5-7天

Estimated local delivery time (count after payment date):

E-Locker/Self Pickup Point: 3-4 Days
Trucker Deliver (Normal/Residential Area):1-2 Days
Trucker Deliver(Remote place): 2-3 Days

Above Schedule will have different by Statutory holidays or emergencies. If you have any questions, please contact our customer

All transportation charges shall charge according to total cargoes weight. Once parcels arrived our Overseas Warehouses, parcel status and packing is unable to change and shall ship out as per original packing. All Overseas Warehouses shall close according to their own located National Holidays. If any of the parcel delivered by courier not able to receive by our Overseas Warehouses during holiday, courier company will automatically postpone the delivery date to next working day and the parcel dispatch and arrival date will also postpone as accordingly.