Shipping tips

Transportation Prohibition
WonderBuy will Protect member’s personal information, usage records such as name, nickname, company name, gender, email address, phone number, zip code, address, birthday, shopping records, etc. Wonderbuy will follow the privacy policy to protect member’s personal information, and will never provide member identifiable information to third parties.
  • 費用已包括海外及本地的倉庫及物流。亦可參考運費計算器進行計算
  • 收費以單價單位(0.5kg/1kg)及港幣HKD計算
  • 美國、英國、韓國、台灣、中國按實重計費, 除非涉及以下其中一項則按體積重收費
    1. 尺寸範圍長、闊、高單邊超過 120cm    
    2. 三邊總和超過 200cm

  • 美國不接受單邊超過135cm貨件
  • 日本、新加坡計費按體積重或實重較高者計算
  • 體積重計算方法:(長cm X 闊cm X 高cm)除以5000 (根據國際航空運輸協會(IATA)體積重量的標準公式為基準)
  • 本地物流合併不同國家倉庫的貨件時若收費不同,將以運費較高者計價

Overseas warehouses:If there is no member number written or dangerous goods either, ovearseas warehouse will charge storage fee of

HKD 15/parcel/day after 7 days of free storage when the goods/DG cargo are reached by overseas warehouse.

Hong Kong warehouse:貨件到倉庫通知用戶後,如用戶沒有在21天內處理付款或任何通知, 本網店會收取每天HKD 10/件的倉儲費

HKD 15/parcel/day after 7 days of free storage when the goods/DG cargo are reached by overseas warehouse.

E-Locker/Self Pickup Point:If the goods have delivered to the E-Locker/Self Pickup point, Member will receive a SMS message informing arrival of parcels. After SMS messages sent out, Member should pick up the goods within 48 hours otherwise the parcel will return to delivery agent warehouse. At the same time, Member will again receive another SMS message informing the parcel has already returned to delivery agent warehouse and Member should collect the parcel from delivery agent warehouse within 7 days and no extra storage charges shall occur. However, if the parcel has not pick up within this 7days it will return to Wonderbuy’s warehouse, then an extra charges of Return Fee of HKD 20/shipment and storage fee of HKD 10/piece/day counting from the 8th days will charge to Member.


  1. 於Wonderbuy app登入後找到倉庫地址複製到網站的登記地址位置。請留意須複製倉庫的郵政區號、地址及電話,最後記得一定要填寫會員號(WB00XXXX)到收件人名稱欄。
  2. 部份日本網站需要填寫日本片假名,只需要利用小工具將中文名換到日文片假名複製貼上。
  3. 日本網購一般不接受會員名稱跟信用卡名稱不一的帳單,請避免使用其他人的信用卡於日本網購。
  4. 善用Google Chrome自動翻譯功能,把外語全部一秒以中文顯示。
  1. If the goods are lost before arriving at our overseas warehouses, Member needs to contact the seller and arrange for re-shipment.
  2. Member needs to declare the real information of the goods in system including the name and value of the goods in order to verify the goods information.
  3. When Member place orders in a foreign online store, the delivery address must indicate the membership number (WBXXXXXX). If the membership number is not written on, Wonderbuy will not be responsible for any loss or overseas warehouses storage fee.
  4. Prohibited products (please refer to prohibited products), overseas warehouses or Wonderbuy’s customer service will inform to Member if they are found out prohitbit products. But the costs incurred will bear by Member, including return shipping costs, dangerous goods costs, etc.
  5. If Member conceal dangerous products and cause accidents and losses caused by the products, Wonderbuy will seek compensation from the Member
  6. All the Cash On Delivery or domestic delivery charge, our overseas warehouse will not accept to pay on behalf of Member
  7. The goods for sure will go through multiple checking point such as customs, airport/terminal during transportation. If it is fragile, please ask the sender to pack it properly. If the parcel need to repack in our overseas warehouse, a material fee of HKD 20/piece will be charged, please indicate such requirement in our system while placing order before shipping
  8. If the parcel are not properly packaged and hasn’t indicate need repacking in our overseas warehouses, if any damage during transportation, Wonderbuy will not take any responsibilities and make any compensation.
  9. Regarding to food, commodity such as chocolate which is sensitive to temperature and weather E.g. summer season, if there is a problem with the quality of the food, Wonderbuy will not make compensation
  10. If the parcel is lost or damaged caused by our Wonderbuy, you can apply for compensation from our customer service
  11. Any application for goods compensation should be applied within 7 days after Member receiving the goods. The application should include information regarding the packaging after unpacking, the status of cargoes damage and the value of the goods on the purchase record or the invoice. Customer service will reply the progress within 7 working days. If the application is successful, Wonderbuy will return the original value of the goods to the customer, and the maximum compensation limit will be HKD 500 per order